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Awarded IS-BAH Stage 3 - Raising the Bar of Safety Standards for FBO's

[Press Release]

[Oslo, Norway – 25 November 2021]

Sundt Air Executive Handling AS

Awarded IS-BAH Stage 3 Registration

1st in the Nordics & 2nd in all of Europe

Sundt Air Executive Handling AS – A part of the Sundt Group aviation companies, is proud to announce that they have achieved the International Standard for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH), a global industry best practice designed by the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) Stage 3 Registration. The award of the IS-BAH Stage 3 Registration follows the NATA Safety 1st Clean™ Certification awarded earlier for its pandemic response in 2020. This is further recognition of its safety protocol/system not only in managing risks in its daily operations especially during the pandemic but also underlining its unwavering commitment to continuous improvement in safety and services of the highest possible standard.

Jennifer Van Winkle, Quality Manager for SAEH, remarked, ‘’We are extremely proud to be the very first FBO in the Nordic/ Scandinavian countries and the second in Europe to have achieved and been awarded the highest level of the IS-BAH Standard Stages. As a premier executive aviation support facility for business aircraft, we have found the IS-BAH Standards implementation process to be profoundly intuitive and an excellent resource for our safety management systems. We would highly recommend adopting the IS-BAH Standards to all FBO’s seeking to improve their SMS compliance, continuous improvement processes, and the ever-important team safety culture.’’


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